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About Blind Fox

Erica Hagler, known as Blind Fox, has firmly established herself as a leading artist in Boston and beyond, with her work featured in high-profile locations and for top-tier clients. Her art adorns the hottest spots in the city, including Lolita, Coquette, Caveau, and Mariel, showcasing her ability to blend street and pop art in captivating ways. Blind Fox's client list includes industry giants like CRISPR, General Electric, Yeti, Barstool Sports, Reebok, and Dana-Farber, highlighting her appeal across diverse sectors. Her achievements have been recognized in prominent publications such as CBS, The Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, Eater, and Time Out, and her work has made it to the iconic displays of Times Square. Hagler's Blind Fox brand is synonymous with cutting-edge artistry and innovation, making her a sought-after name for clients looking to associate with the artistic excellence.

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